Administrative Topics

Below you can find an overview of selected administrative topics.
Please check the PhD Regulations carefully regarding e.g. supervisors and supervision agreement, cumulative dissertation etc. You will find the regulations here: link.


Upon acceptance as PhD Fellow at the Cologne Graduate School, it is your duty to enroll yourself as a doctoral student at the University of Cologne with the beginning of your doctoral studies. The process of enrollment, is displayed in a simplified form in the illustration below.

Further information (e.g., on what documents and forms you need to bring) can be found here:

Admission to doctoral studies:

Research Support

Each Fellow is reimbursed to the maximum amount of EUR 1.000 per year for travel, experiments, publication. Please consult the WiSo-IT or your respective department for required software.

Office Presence

During your first year, we require that you be in your CGS office four days a week. In cases of continuous, non-approved absence, we will stop payment of the fellowship.

With the end of your first year, you will have to find an office at your supervisor's chair. Please inform your supervisor well in advance. In case you encounter difficulties finding a new office, please contact the CGS office.

Additional Job

You are allowed to take an additional job that must be conducive to your research/ dissertation and must not exceed 8 hours per week. During the first year, teaching and teaching-related jobs are not allowed. Before taking an additional job, please ask for a written permit by the Board providing a statement of your employer about your tasks. Please note that you should not earn more than an additional EUR 6.000 a year.


For scholarship holders there is no vacation entitlement. That does not mean that it is forbidden to go on vacation but that you have to make sure that your course resp. dissertation work is not jeopardized. We recommend not to take more than 28 days of vacation per year. If you plan to go on vacation please let the Aministration Office know about your absence.


Your funding as a Fellow will end after three-years. However, finishing a dissertation may take longer. In these cases, please get in touch with the Administration Office and your supervisor(s) as soon as possible to arrange subsequent funding (e.g. position as a teaching or research assistant, third-party-funding etc.). In addition, there are exceptions inc ase of motherhood/fatherhood during your scholarship and for foreign students.


If you get sick, please inform the Administration Office as soon as possible.


All Fellows are asked to be a buddy of a newly recruited Ph.D. student and/or a Research Track student. The Administration Office will provide you with a list of the new students.

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