Doctoral Studies

Below, you will find important information regarding your doctoral studies. In case you wish further information to be displayed here, please contact the CGS office.


According to the WiSo Faculty's 2015 Doctoral Regulations, each doctoral student is required to accumulate a minimum of 30 credit points, of which no more than 12 are allowed to be gained in research seminars or doctorate colloquiums.
The CGS requires you to finish your course work within the first year of your studies. Please plan your course work course work along one of the Doctoral Tracks ( Please note that your course certificate needs to indicate your grade. We expect you to pass your graded courses predominantly with a grade around 1,7. The oral or written exam in each of these courses must cover the complete content of each course.
In case of doubt what courses to take, please consult your supervisor first and then the CGS office.


Your dissertation may be cumulative or a monograph. In the case of a cumulative dissertation at least two articles should typically be submitted to a journal. If this is not the case, your supervisor should outline the reasons. We recommend that you also submit your papers to the CGS Working Paper Series. In general: your dissertation should include at least three papers and an introduction. If your dissertation does not include at least one single-author paper, your supervisor should submit a special advisory opinion delineating the amount of your own work/research.

Please contact you supervisor well in advance to plan the structure of your dissertation.

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