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Welcome to the wiki pages of the Graduate School of Geosciences at the University of Cologne, Germany

The Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS) offers structured guidance, training, and further support to doctoral candidates in all of the Geosciences at Cologne.

Through these wiki pages, we want to offer useful resources to all members, including doctoral candidates, professors, and mentors. They are for use within the GSGS only. Should you wish to use any documents elsewhere, please contact the GSGS for prior approval.

Should you come across errors, e.g. in links to other pages or documents, please help improve our service by sending the URL and the error to Many thanks!


Dr Karin Boessenkool
Manager of the Graduate School of Geosciences

Postal address
University of Cologne
Albertus-Magnus-Platz (Pohligstr. 3)
50923 Cologne

Visiting address
Pohligstr. 3
Room 3.129
50969 Cologne
T: +49 221 470 5925

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