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Publications of the research group since 2005

* submitted / revision

[a] Fraga H, et al. (2014) Integrated analysis of climate, soil, topography and vegetative growth in Iberian viticultural regions. Plos One (submitted)

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* published online / in press

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* published 2014

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[64] Seregina LS, Haas R, Born K, Pinto JG (2014) Development of a wind gust model to estimate gust speeds and their return periods. Tellus A 66:22905 doi:10.3402/tellusa.v66.22905

* published 2013

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* published 2012

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* published 2011

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* published 2010

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* published 2009

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* published 2008

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* published 2007

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* published 2006

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* published 2005

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